Long Beach Bungalow Host Needs More Money

In April we booked, were accepted, and paid for a bungalow in Belmont Shores. Three weeks prior to our arrival the host requested an additional $413 because she got a better offer for $325 per night instead of the $200 per night that was her posted price. I declined as you can’t change the price after you accepted our money. She then canceled our reservation through Airbnb two weeks prior to our arrival.

Where can I find another rental on the 4th of July weekend? We made plans for airfare, car rental and other hotels. Airbnb penalized her $100, which she will gladly pay it as she is making $325 per night for five days. This is totally unethical and poor business practices. We will incur financial consequences for her cancellation. I also had rentals on VRBO a few years ago. I would never do that to my pending guest. No protection for the renters. At least when you stay at the Hyatt or Hilton you know the standard to expect… no service or cleaning fees either. I’m sticking to the hotels. Airbnb better wake up soon.