AirBnB has no soul… caution

I had a guest who kept extending their stay. One month became two, two became three, and then he wanted to deal directly with me for a lower rate. I said it is what it is. I really bent over backward to help this guy who I found out later was cruising from airbnb to airbnb… After no complaints during his stay I left a nice review. After I reviewed him he left a defamatory review that AirBnB refuses to remove, even though it is against their own review policy. After getting nowhere with “Clementine” I discovered there was no way to escalate up the chain of command. So I left a comment to the review that warned hosts that this occurred to me.. Surprise ! now the listing is blocked. Apparently AirBnB can’t take their own medicine LOL CAUTION ! If your a Host count on AirBnB to put a knife in your back. Something better will come along than AirBnB thankfully. People rented and BnB’s existed for centuries before AirBnB came along, and it will continue after AirBnB is long forgotten.