Airbnb Prepaid Reservation: Give me back my Money!

As a guest, I made a pre-reservation for one night in another city in Poland. (As you already know, you have to prepay for it immediately, even if it is not confirmed). I’ve been waiting for an answer from the host for 24 hours. Unfortunately, the reservation expired. I received a message from Airbnb: the payment for my expired reservation will be in my bank account in 7 business days. As of now (10 working days after the fact) I haven’t received my money for an unconfirmed reservation! Contact with Airbnb in Poland is totally impossible! I’m so mad about it! Please help!

Airbnb guests can get a refund for any reason

I will keep this brief 🙂  This is by no means our 1st experience along these lines.  I have finally lost it after airbnb refunded 2 groups of guests. One because the guest didn’t want to stay any longer (no other reason!?) and the second because they claimed our house was”disgusting”!! So rude!! I personally cleaned it with my daughter so know it wasn’t dirty at all. We have had loads of reviews praising us for the high level of cleanliness. The guests claimed to have photos but I never saw them.  The next day, I had an email from airbnb saying they had tried to phone but got no reply so they had gone ahead & refunded the guest!? No discussion, no proof. .nothing!? I asked to see the photos. .nothing.  And as they have changed their policy nobody but your case officer Pixie will speak to you. .and she seems to have quit work!? So that’s £600+ in 2 days they have STOLEN off us. ..and I can think of no other word to use. ..BEWARE OF AIRBNB!!!