Airbnb discriminates against older folks

I sent this email to Airbnb: Thank you. I am 54. Your firm has a larger market cap than Hyatt Hotels. You took my $3,000.00 without any verification—no problem. When I tried to get the address of what I purchased, I had to be verified! Imagine Hyatt taking my money and telling me they will get back to me when they want to to tell me what I actually reserved. It is inconceivable. It took me TWO weeks and time I do not have to conform to YOUR system which is utterly incapable of working with someone who does not fiddle with Linked in, Facebook or gmail. This should be disclosed to unwary customers like myself that you really don’t have a way to serve dinosaurs like me. Do send this up your chain IF you truly want to be a customer focused firm and earn the market cap that you have not in my humble opinion. You and Jordan were attempting to be most helpful—this is no reflection on you two but you work within a system that is not meant to serve all consumers—only those that conform to Airbnb’s specific requirements. With kind regards, Jim Johnson