Airbnb Host Hiding from Negative Review with Proof


I stayed at an Airbnb near downtown Atlanta from Dec. 24 thru Dec. 28 and left an honest review that was deleted. The house had had so little toilet paper and paper towels we rationed them. The hand soap was refilled with water to stretch it (I threw away the bottle to force them to buy more). The hangers in the closet were a collection of store inventory (the kind they use at the store with the size on it), the wireless hangers were from a dry cleaner, and likely some from an old rummage sale.

There was literally both razor wire and barbed wire on the fence, guys walking up and down the block smoking marijuana, a collection of grocery carts full of trash across the street, enough towels for three people when the listing advertised hosting for eight people, and the loft/den on the second floor had a small area rug and love seat — that was it. There was no additional furniture in the room, so everyone had to either stand or sit on the floor. I mentioned that the neighborhood was hopefully “up and coming,” but cautioned that there were more than a few homeless encampments in the area.

I posted the review, and was told it violated standards. I had photos to prove what I said, but the review was removed. The host begged me to reconsider the review and claimed that less than a four would get them kicked off the site. They deleted their positive review of me and had mine removed as well.



blank First of all- the loft he rents has potential to be a nice place but is so clearly not fit for airbnb guests. The parking lot is controlled by valet, there is so much traffic congestion in this area that if your not familiar you get stuck waiting 10 minutes before getting past everyone waiting to be parked, they were always seem annoyed and rude. He is definitely renting his apartment out under uncomfortable circumstances because the neighbors and valets glare at you with disgust, they obviously don’t want you there, this makes for an unsettling stay. The building has restaurants under the loft level and the entire place reeks of asian food alllllllll the time, it was nice at first but nauseating 10 minutes in. His furniture is disgusting (tacky and the pull out sofa has stains and crumbs all over it), towels are dirty and old, no privacy (you can hear everything through the walls, including a really loud fan on the roof that runs all night and makes everything shake) I left a huge detailed review and AIRBNB DELETED IT!!!! This was the worst allocation of vacation money I have ever spent, next time I’ll just stay at Holiday Inn, lesson learned.