Airbnb Should Pay More for Last-Minute Cancellation

I booked a trip through Airbnb on February 1st, 2016, and this morning – April 20, 2016 – I got a text from Airbnb stating that Lindsey Secor had cancelled my reservation. I had booked a two-night stay in Mancelona, Michigan. The host Lindsey Secor just texted me, stating “…personal circumstances have caused me to remove my home from Airbnb. I am very sorry. Thank you for understanding.”

I understand that is not Airbnb’s fault for the host pulling out, but i think the host should be charged at least one thousand dollars for doing this; I wasted many hours and now of course the prices are much higher. My best friend is visiting from Australia and i wanted to show him around. I also booked a trip to Niagara Falls, so I hope that host does not cancel this trip. Airbnb should charge each homeowner a large fee for cancelling on their guest: not just $50 or $100… I would say $1000 or more. I am very disappointed.

Bad Airbnb customer service – Canceled reservation without asking

I had a really bad experience on Airbnb today. I made a reservation, and 2 days later I realized I couldn’t make the trip, so I told the host that only my friends will stay in his place. (I don’t know if the host told this to Airbnb, or Airbnb is peeking our messages.) And then I got an email from Airbnb telling me I shouldn’t make reservation for others. The staff didn’t ask for my opinions or explanations and canceled my reservation immediately, which was really annoying to me. This cancellation caused me to lose 14 euros in Tax fees.  The person cancelling said she will give me a coupon, but I don’t even want to continue using Airbnb after this bad experience, why do I need the coupon? I really hope Airbnb improve their customer service quality.