Airbnb Unblocked my Blocked Calendar

The problem that caused an incorrect booking in April has happened again. Once again, the Airbnb system has unblocked the month of April, which I had carefully blocked for my son’s visit from out of town. In October, I carefully blocked out March 20th through May 20th for my son who would be visiting from out of town. On January 12th, Airbnb booked a guest for March 28th through April 4th. I discovered that somehow the days I had blocked had been unblocked. I know I did not unblock them but was told by two Airbnb support people that that was the only way it could have happened. I called Airbnb immediately to find our how to cancel the booking without incurring a penalty. The person I talked to did not give me complete instructions and I was penalized $50 anyway, which was eventually refunded.

Yesterday I went into my calendar to check to make sure the days I blocked for my son were still blocked and found, once again, that April had unblocked them without my knowledge and two more bookings had come in, one awaiting my approval (April 28th – May 5th) and the other an instant booking (April 22nd-24th). I immediately wrote both of them explaining the mistake but I have not declined one of them yet because I need to get this cleared up with Airbnb before I do anything in my account. The guest is waiting for this to be cleared up so that he can move forward with his reservation. I did go into my account and turned off instant booking until this mess is cleared up. I am very concerned about this issue and need to talk to a supervisor or senior technician who can correct the problem. I am very uncomfortable with having to decline decent people from renting my space because of a glitch in the Airbnb system. It is not good for my business. I hope that this can be cleared up quickly. I want to release this booking as soon as possible.