AirBNB ruined my trip in Italy

I will NEVER use AirBNB again. My host did not let me into the apartment for over 5 hours nor did she have any intention of letting me in despite the confirmation. She was out with her friends and could not be inconvieced to return to the apartment despite the fact I had given her my arrival information far in advance . No apology. I was stuck outside of Rome with little money, no phone, in a dark no traffic area. In the middle of the night a man let’s me into the apartment as I am starting to wander aimlessly into the night. The bathroom light did not work making it near impossible to shower. I wish I could end there however this is just the start of my bad expierences with Air B and B. The night before my host took me to the wrong apartment and I wasted the entire day packing my belongs and waiting for him to move me to the correct location. Again, no apology. The host had the audacity to blaim me because I did not correct him. Excuse me, but how am I suppose to know. This host also lied about the location of the apartment. It turned out to be a completely different part of the city. The list goes on and on. Again, I am NEVER using Air BNB again. NEVER!!!!!!!