ROBBED! Airbnb posted my exact address online

I have been a happy airbnb user and host for 3 years. A few months ago I saw that the address and map my confirmed guests would see after they booked was slightly incorrect. The FAQ said to click an “edit address” button but there was no such button, it only had a link to “contact customer service”.

I sent a message to airbnb cust service telling them the address and map was incorrect and gave them the correct information. Apparently they also changed the “public address” to reveal the FULL STREET ADDRESS WITH HOUSE NUMBER which obviously I did not request. I typically use airbnb app on my phone which does not show the same information as the full site so I didn’t notice this for some time.

That is, until my house was robbed and ransacked between guests. Upon visiting my listing I was horrified to notice that the full address was visible to everyone in the world. Along with a handy dandy airbnb calendar showing exactly when the place was vacant!

I could not have revealed the street address myself as the option to edit the public address is not available. There is no where that I can change these settings myself. Why a “customer service” representative would do this is beyond my understanding! Perhaps the US based company does not understand European addresses and entered it incorrectly into the “public” system?

Watch your listings carefully or any dummy with an internet connection can easily find out when and where to strike!