Don’t Expect Airbnb to Honour your Booking

We requested the 19th to 23rd of July for 16 people. The booking (and the money) was accepted. After confirmation, the host messaged that they had mistakenly double booked the property. The host offered us instead a choice of three sets of dates. We contacted everyone in our party to find which dates would suit them. We selected one of the dates (24th – 29th July). As there was an extra night and the property was larger, we asked for confirmation that the price already paid would be honoured. The host confirmed that the price would remain the same and confirmed the booking. We made travel arrangements (not cheap). After all the confirmations, the host said that the property would not be available on the first night – the 24th of July. AirBnB let the host cancel the reservation – without any repercussions – despite the host messing around with us twice! The accommodation looks amazing but don’t expect your booking to be honoured. Proceed with extreme caution – no matter how many are in your party!