Mixed review

We used Airbnb to rent two properties for a road trip. The first property was great and the host outstanding, nothing but a positive experience. While we were staying essentially in the host’s basement, the owner had spent time and effort in appointing, painting and decorating the space in such a way that it felt like a cottage. We heard the owner moving about sometimes but it did not feel intrusive. The second property however was a different story. The host was polite but we had the feeling something was “off” about them. It really is true that when you use Airbnb you are basically moving in with a stranger for however long, and anyone who has ever had a roommate can tell you these situations can be extremely irritating and stressful. So we were in this person’s basement and it was a pigsty, the bed must have been at least 30 years old and had a huge dip in the middle, there was visible dust and pet hair in the corners, soap scum all over the shower, and smears of what looked like animal waste on the walls!!!!! We ended up leaving early to stay in hotels the rest of our trip. Bottom line, I will not be using Airbnb again.