Ungrateful Airbnb Host After Uneventful Stay

I am shocked after spending a nice time in Ador, Valencia. The trip was fine. We spent most of the time outdoors, went to the beach… the usual plan when you are in Spain during the summer.

Our problem was that the owner left and left his girlfriend in charge of checking on us (my boyfriend, our sausage dog and myself). The day before leaving, this lady came up to us asking what time we were leaving on the last day. The expected time was 11:00 AM but she agreed to let us stay until 12:00 PM without moaning.

The last day we woke up around 11:00 AM; I realized that my period had stained the sheets and told the lady. She didn’t say anything about cleaning and I thought that cleaning fees would cover getting the sheets into the washing machine. What a bad time to be human and a woman who got her period.

We left in a rush because we were already late. I thought that the house wasn’t perfect (soft beds that aren’t comfortable). There were very basic kitchen appliances and hardly no railings on very steep stairs which I don’t recommend, and no protection net around the pool that out looks on a very beautiful view. But still, it was very dangerous especially for dogs or kids. My boyfriend had to rescue our dog as she fell on to some rocks but couldn’t make her way back due to the high wall that she couldn’t climb.

I made a very nice review as I always do, and I really regret doing so, because the owner who wasn’t there has written the most appalling review, commenting about the blood (which was obviously an accident), saying that our dog was in the pool all the time (that’s a lie, you have to get her in, and we only did that once) and mentioning that we didn’t take the garbage out, something that I would have done but forgot due to the rush.

Honestly, I gave them five stars but they deserve none. We didn’t leave dirt behind intentionally and I believe that cleaning fees should at least cover that. I would like to change my review and give realistic feedback. I only gave compliments when I should have said what was wrong as well.


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  1. That’s just a typical Airbnb experience ! All participants on both sides can expect an occasional savaging ! which is especially galling after showing restraint yourself. Like you, it was 5 Stars all round because it wasn’t my job to fix everybody and every place as I would like them to be, a Herculean task at this very bottom end of the market. Few participants are truly awful but most of those who are indeed awful appear in this market, for so many obvious reasons. Some of us have to learn that from experience when they savage us. And the company gives them encouragement ! with its beseeching requests to comment on each other. It’s absolutely galling to put up with people and then to be poked in the eye ! often by people who are practiced at it : This is where you meet proper trolls ! The glossy woman on their homepage making lots of friends in a fabulous flat is nowhere to be seen !! Political correctness stops me describing who predominates in this market, so the bandwagon rolls on. And anyway the whole stupid lot of us have to learn by experience, me included ! Take care. Charles.

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