Unfairly Blocked my Account After Guest Lied

Airbnb blocked my account. I had a guest back in May and her boyfriend was very disrespectful and immature. I had surveillance cameras; one is on the main hallway that captured him flipping his middle finger and cursing at me.

Up to that point, I had not had any contact with this individual. When I asked the guest why, she apologized and kept saying she liked my place and this was why she rebooked for the third time. They were very loud and dirty. I have another guest in the room across from them who was also complaining so when their stay was over I just let other guests book the room.

Well the problem I have now is that the boyfriend wrote three bad reviews for every time they booked and not only that, he called Airbnb and lied about my listing, saying that I have cameras inside the rooms. Let’s get this clear: I do not have any cameras inside any private areas.

Airbnb blocked all my listings and then contacted me. I assured them that I don’t have cameras.

It’s coming up on almost a month since they blocked me. I only have a couple emails from them telling me to specify where the cameras are—which I did from the very beginning of me creating my account.

Please help me; I need this income. I’m not working due to the pandemic and I invested a lot of money renovating and furnishing the apartment.


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