Unacceptable – Airbnb Complaint Not Answered

We booked an amazing house in Brenton-on-Sea Knysna, South Africa all through the Airbnb official site, then paid in full on June 12. The host confirmed the booking and supplied an Airbnb booking reference. The Airbnb host confirmed payment was received.

When we went back online it stated on their site that we had paid and we were going to this house. But on the app it doesn’t reflect as an upcoming trip. The host keeps on saying she has had these issues before, but we are still not getting the confirmation on their app. The host keeps on saying she will get back to us.

We have logged several requests for help with the customer service people and they keep on closing our claims without resolving anything. The amount paid upfront to the Airbnb bank account in the UK was substantial as we paid in full. We are very concerned as we cannot see our booking online, the link the host has sent for the offer has expired, and the listing of the house has been removed from Airbnb. The host says she has removed the listing as she cannot attend to any more enquiries for this house. This is a ridiculous, vicious circle.


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