Try This Method to Get Your Money Refunded

I’m having had a super hard time with Airbnb since COVID as a host. I had been using them as a primary partner but am now looking at other options. I get that the first couple weeks after COVID shutdowns would be difficult for them, but now it’s just an excuse to provide the worst service. There are too many nightmare stories from the hosting side to know where to begin. Reading stories from the guest side concerns me even more.

We work our butts off to provide guests with a stay that is superior to any hotel. We are Superhosts and have dozens of five-star reviews. But if Airbnb and some horrible hosts treat guests like this, Airbnb is not a sustainable organization and they will undoubtedly suffer consequences to their business very soon that will be very difficult — if not totally impossible — to ever come back from. It may be a great opportunity for someone to copy their business model, but with competent people, which they are clearly lacking as of now. They can forget about going public as they’d planned If they don’t get it together, and soon.

Guests: try to dispute any charges for unrefunded nights with your credit card company. I’m pretty sure that your credit card company will refund you while they investigate and take it up with Airbnb directly. At the very least, Airbnb will have to respond to the credit card company’s complaint or the credit card company will just pull the funds from Airbnb and they will be out. Either way, you win as Airbnb must resolve this or you’ll get your money back. I’d contest the charge with your credit card company even if the reservation was over a year ago. Many times if you booked with your credit card it has travel insurance that may extend refunds under some of these circumstances.


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