Tiny Home with Grime, Airbnb Doesn’t Care


I rented a small house in Victor, ID for June 24-29. The plan is actually inaccurate since it shows only three houses on the road when in fact the tiny home is surrounded by other houses, next to and in front of it. There are homes on both sides of Red Mountain Way.

The host was a property management company. I made the decision to travel after reading all the precautions Airbnb (and airlines) were taking to prevent COVID contamination. I figured that travel companies would be super careful, and would reassure their customers with extra precautions.

I had some back and forth communication with the host before I arrived, and she was always prompt to reply. The day I arrived I was absolutely stunned to discover that the house had no instructions, no WIFI codes, and was dirty. I started messaging the host to get some help, since the house was labeled as “high tech efficiency” and somewhat “unusual.”

I also started to clean, because I did not want to spend my first night in grime. It was evening, I had been up since 3:00 AM to catch my flight in Boston, I was close to a tourist trap, Jackson Hole, and I had no options. Most of all the house was dirty, and there were no WIFI instructions for a couple of Webex I needed to deal with.

I decided to scour the place and found the router on the floor in a pile of dust and dirt. This is when I realized that the floors were not clean. There was trash in the bins, a shade was broken, there was one roll of toilet paper for six days, a heating/air system that made an absolute racket and kept me up my first night, and sticky handles on all cabinets.

The Airbnb site showed a deck with a green chair — there were no chairs. People mentioned a view of the mountains; all I saw was a huge white truck parked in front on the door. In short, an Airbnb nightmare.

The host promised to send me her cleaner the next day — which she did — and bring some TP. According to the host, the owner told her that she had left the house in good shape for me — this is why the host did not send her own cleaner to check the space (the cleaner came the following day).

Right away, I reached our to Airbnb on Facebook. I asked for at least the reimbursement of my first night. Facebook supposedly escalated the complaint to their resolution center and since then there has been no news. The entire string of messages is on my Airbnb link.

Needless to say, I now trust hotels way more than Airbnb to offer a safe space during COVID. You can count on hotel chains disinfecting each room; you are not sure that Airbnb hosts will.


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