Taking Payment Off of Future Guest Stays?

Airbnbs in Calaveras County finally reopened in June. My first guests were to be a young couple and their two dogs. I was excited about getting my little cabin in the mountains ready for them, to clean and sanitize the cabin by Airbnb’s new procedures. My guests were to arrive on June 26 for a weekend stay.

On that day, one guest called me at 2:00 PM. I thought that he was already there and was calling to ask a question. Instead, he said that they were still at home in Davis, and that he had to cancel and wanted a refund because of extenuating circumstances. I explained that it was out of my hands at this point and that he needed to call Airbnb.

Later, Airbnb called me and asked if it was okay to refund his money. I had not been paid yet; it usually takes about four days, so I told them go ahead and not charge them. I asked to have at least $50 for the time and travel that I had done to get the cabin ready. They said okay.

A few days later, Airbnb sent a message saying that they were going to return all of the money, including the $50. They had already sent me $50, not the $276.45 that was the original cost. They said that they would take back the $50 from my next guest’s payment, which was scheduled for July 7-9. Instead they decided to not pay me at all for the next guest, saying that they had paid me for the first one on the 26th.

I asked them several times — many of which I was waiting for hours on the phone — for a human to answer or fix this problem but they keep saying that someone else would contact me. This has never happened. The last human I talked to agreed that they owed me $225.45 ($276.45 less the $50) but I have not received it and that conversation took place on July 17. I can’t get in touch any other way it seems.


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