Services Not Available Due to COVID: False Advertising?

We booked a condo in Myrtle Beach that advertised the use of multiple pools, a hot tub, and lazy river on site. However, when we arrived we were met with locked up closed pools. A maintenance person said it was because they didn’t have insurance while the main desk person said it was due to COVID. All the properties up and down the beach had their pools open.

When we contacted the host they said that they didn’t know about that because they didn’t manage the pools and therefore weren’t responsible. But I know, from working in the property management and rental business, that owners and rental agents are always notified of any issues involving the property good or bad. The front desk person said all owners and their agents knew about the pools being closed.

I simply asked for a $200 refund on an $850 rental because it did not offer what it said and, had I known, I simply would have booked elsewhere. I filed a resolution complaint to the host with no resolve. Then I contacted Airbnb and they have yet to reply. Now every time I go to their resolution center and try to contact Airbnb I get no response. How disappointing. I won’t rent from them again.


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  1. Seems like airbnb support was very busy around July 4th. They’re easier to reach early in the morning or late at night.

    Many listings aren’t accurate. Be sure to reflect that in your Accuracy star rating and to include the lack of pool access in your review.

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