Runaround Getting My Tax Records from Airbnb


Not an interesting story, but annoying. I was an Airbnb host and got suspended for terms of service without any explanation. That isn’t what I’m writing about now; that happened in beginning of 2019.

A few months ago, the government was offering money for COVID relief so I realized I had better file my 2018 taxes which I hadn’t done. I needed my Airbnb records, but because my account is suspended, I couldn’t get them myself.

I tried to contact support who wrote me back but the messages went to my Airbnb inbox, which I cannot check because I’m suspended. I finally called and explained the situation. They said someone would contact me. Someone from another team contacted me the same day. I couldn’t read more than the first sentence and couldn’t reply, so I called again.

This pattern repeats every time I call. I’m too lazy to dig up all the messages and emails, but it’s been three months and I still don’t have my records.

Today I decided to try again. I waited on hold 114 minutes before I gave up. 88 minutes into that, I dialed in with another phone too so two phones were waiting on hold; the second one only for 26 minutes when we gave up. This is ridiculous.

Attached is the last response I got. I can’t read more than the first sentence because the website only tells me “We’ll get back to you shortly. Someone from our team will review the information you provided and follow up with you soon.” This hasn’t happened. Not shortly. And the app doesn’t work either.


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