50% Refund on an $1800 Airbnb Reservation

It was my first time using Airbnb, and will be my last. We booked an Airbnb in January to stay in New Orleans from June 3-7. Other people in our group decided they wanted something else and had double booked another location as well. We cancelled this one. It was my fault; I read the cancellation policy incorrectly. I was only issued 50% of my refund.

I tried to contact the host, buy I guess once they have your money and no reservation, they don’t feel it necessary to respond. Fast forward to all this COVID-19 stuff happening and Airbnb publishes something that says that if you booked your reservation within certain dates for travel dates that you can no longer travel, they will give you a refund.

I tried contacting the host again and disputing the charge with my credit card company at the same time. I finally got an answer two months later from the host that I am supposed to get my refund directly from Airbnb. I have called, and each time I get the recording that say a they’ll be with me in “a few hours.”

Considering the reservation was cancelled a week after it was booked and six months in advance, I don’t think this is right. Buyer beware and check their ridiculous cancellation policy. You’re better off in a hotel that allows free cancellations up to two days before your trip. My trip total was close to $1,700 and I’m out almost $800.


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