Possibly Going to be a Part of a Satanic Ritual

I booked my first Airbnb trip this past 4th of July weekend. Upon arriving, the host insisted on having my partner and I call her. Her front gate was horrible to unlock, having to add pressure and weight to somehow jiggle the key in. Naturally, we called her to let us know we were there.

She ended up helping us with getting the gate unlocked and in we went. We went up the stairs and took a right to arrive at our “apartment.” I took notice of a photo of a woman staring directly into what seemed to be a lamp light?

Upon entering, I noticed a rancid smell. I understand old houses tend to have a smell because of the old wood, but this one smelled like very strongly of something rotting. To counteract the smell, we turned on the AC. The listing said that it would be our own apartment for $85 a night. Perfect, and for the 4th, a steal.

The vibes were good as we drank some alcoholic beverages and began to watch a movie. We also ordered pizza and wings around this time. After a few drinks I ran to the restroom to pee and went into the bedroom. This is where this it gets bad.

I noticed a photo frame in the main bedroom. It was a photo of a little boy looking in the direction of the bed. I yelled for my partner. He ran to me, saw the photo, and began to say “what the f— is that?”

We were both horrified as we barely noticed the artwork. We attempted to calm each other down and failed. He Facetimed three of his buddies. I Facetimed my sister and my friend who all told: “calm down”; “you guys are already there just stay”; “you all are paranoid”. So there we were.

We then noticed small things we hadn’t noticed before: a small coat closet close to the entrance and the fact that the bedroom closet light was “on” when neither my partner nor I had been in there. We inspected the closets again, this time with knives in our hands, and we noticed the closets have exits to the attic and a floor below them?

The coat closet had a tiny piece of artwork next to its door. This artwork? a small golden mockery of a Jewish mezuzah, embossed with eight downward facing angels with “X” marked on their faces falling towards a script I cannot decipher. The owner said “oops I placed it upside down” and then tried to say “one of our guests flipped it”.  She’s lying and her contradiction proves it.

I have contacted the police department. When we told her we left and were going to return the keys she said “please call me when you’re here so its easier”.

The story is still developing. So far I’ve noted: the upside down angels represent satan, as does the light the woman was staring at; the photo of the boy had a double mirror; I have a direct link to the photos but will post them once this gets approved to be shared.

After seeing this we literally packed everything up while our bodies were shaking from fear. We managed to leave safely but I feel I need to seek spiritual guidance with religious priests. After two hours on hold with Airbnb they finally told me they were investigating. I haven’t seen a refund yet.


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  1. Sorry, I don’t understand why you found the photograph of a boy so terrifying. Normal people have pictures of their kids around the house. A couple of portraits and some weird design decisions in the closet are scarcely evidence of evil goings-on. To expect the cops or Airbnb to “do something” about what sounds like nothing is frankly ridiculous. You can’t arrest someone for having a weirdly designed closet.

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