Police Come to Airbnb for First Time in Neighborhood

I initially called Airbnb Customer Service and spoke with a representative but this requires further insight. I would like to make you aware of a very serious situation with a house that is listed under the Airbnb umbrella.

Within the past year, my township’s police department has been called to an Airbnb residence two times. The first time was for an individual that was residing there was to be evicted and later overdosed on drugs and had to be revived by the EMT’s. On that day I received a frantic call from my son at approximately 4:00 PM that there were five police cars next door where as I felt a need leave my employment to protect my family.

This police issue supposedly was initiated by the owner of the house calling the police to assist in evicting a non-paying resident, which turned into the police coming back later that evening for the reported drug overdose. The owner does not live there.

The second time was June 16. At approximately 11:30 PM four police cars pulled up to the Airbnb residence. They went into the residence and proceeded to search the surrounding area. I was asked if the officers could search my backyard, to which I agreed.

They indicated to me they were searching for an individual associated with the above residential address. They were on location until 1:30 AM when the owner came by and was approached by the residents. She indicated she doesn’t speak much English so it was difficult to communicate.

There is an elementary school on this street. In my 20 years of living here, there has never been a police visit for any unlawful activity. There are currently four individuals plus an infant residing at the residence that are not related to each other. One uses his car as a garbage can; the front passenger seat and the back seat are full of eaten food and soda remains, even a pizza box (seems a little odd).

I’m sure with every corporation the Airbnb Mission Statement doesn’t allow for any residence to be used in this manner. I am a parent, am very concerned and would appreciate action be taken.


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  1. I cancelled my reservation on the 22 of May for a June 6th, 2020 reservation. I live in Fla Covid Hot spot . The host was very gracious and said yes no problem. I called customer service after 10 days ( on hold for 1 hour each time ) they opened a case and said they would be communicating with me through out the process then transferred me to ” the specialist group” who claimed they had no idea why I had not received my money. I received a few comments via Airbnb inbox and all seemed to be going well when all of a sudden I checked my in box and said the case had been closed. What?! I did not receive my refund and no one explained to me why the case was closed. The host sent me a note asking if I had received my refund and I explained all that had happened. They were very helpful and said they would send a not to the customer service as well for us. nothing It is now June 29th. I’ve had to call in 2 more times for the same process spending minimum 2 hours on the phone on hold because there is o way to get a hold of the ” specialized team without going through customer service first then they transfer you. Today I finally was able to at least get a case number to refer to. but still down $250.00. Shame on Airbnb in these unprecedented times we all need our money on our side not on the side of a big company such as yours!

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