More than $10K in Damages, Airbnb Paid $510

An Airbnb guest held an unauthorized party during the pandemic lockdown. We never allow parties, even before they became illegal.

This guest said she was coming alone. The police estimated that there were at least 100 people in the two-bedroom home when they arrived. The neighbors told us that there were several fights that spilled into the street before the police arrived. There was a stabbing. The damage to the unit was more than $10,000.

After three weeks of back and forth with Airbnb personnel who changed on a daily basis and would only communicate via email, they paid us $510 for painting and damaged walls and then they went dark. They refused to explain why all the other proof of damage and proof of value of the damages were being declined.

There was no explanation, just an email saying our case was closed and they would not reply again. They were very demanding about proving the value of items damaged and it was so difficult to comply that we did give up on certain items. We still were able to document more than $10,000 and supply the required proof of value. They simply said they would not discuss the reason for the low compensation.


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  1. They get away with it because greedy naive idiots like you keep listing your home even after these horror stories play out year after year. Stop being stupid, don’t let complete strangers into your home, stop being an illegal hotel and disrespecting your neighbors and causing a housing shortage in your community, and wake up millennials. Become “woke” Unreal that people are still surprised in 2020 that you get lowballed by Airbnb for actual damages, and even more hilarious that a commenter would say “I don’t know how they get away with it”. Our world is doomed if this is the future

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