“I don’t have a good feeling about you”

I had a confirmed booking in Zurich for one night after returning from a glaciology expedition. When I arrived at the Airbnb, I rang the bell and no one answered for at least 30 minutes. Little did I realise that the host was already down in the street, staring at me ringing the bell and trying to check in. He had just been standing there staring at me all this while.

When I turned around and asked him a question, he informed that he was the host and that he “did not have a good feeling about me”. He refused to let me enter and kept continuously asking me uncomfortable questions about my profession and what I was doing on a glacier. I eventually had to leave because he wouldn’t let me in

After my reservation was over, the host did not refund the amount I had paid for this reservation. He apologised for refusing me the stay saying, “I am sorry, I was in a bad mood.” However, he is holding onto the money I paid.

Airbnb agents say they will contact me and follow up on my complaint but of course there has been no response. I have been on the phone for hours and they hang up on me after 30 minutes of waiting.


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