Hosts Take All the Risk for Airbnb Platform

Airbnb does not guarantee payments to their hosts. Airbnb does not collect all money upfront. Hosts take the risk of collection.

Imagine you’ve just received a guest and they are checked in. Like a hotel, you expect that they paid in full for their reservation before being allowed to check in. Airbnb tries to collect money upfront, but does not require it. They also have marketing programs which allow guests to pay in a payment plan. Airbnb does not tell you if they have not collected the money. It’s a secret.

What is our experience? We don’t keep track of payments too closely. We just assumed that Airbnb collected and remitted all payments to us the next day after check in. We have $1500 owed to us, all from guests who checked in, checked out, and never paid. We have one guest that stayed an entire month, and Airbnb did not collect payment, nor did they inform us there was an issue.

All that money is lost to us. Airbnb passes the collection risk onto its hosts. Go into your transaction list, look up the tab “pending payments” and makes sure those reservations are all paid up. I don’t mind if Airbnb gives people a break by giving them free accommodations, or time to get the money, but Airbnb needs to accept the responsibility of making sure hosts are paid, or let hosts decide if they want to accept a non-paying guest. I think we all know what the hosts would choose. Shame on Airbnb. Poor way to treat your “bread and butter”.


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