Host Cancelled My Stay with Bogus COVID Excuse

I booked an Airbnb in December 2019 for a stay July 16-31, 2020. A week before, the host cancelled my vacation. The email indicated it was because of COVID. I sent a message to the host and called the COVID reason out as she just had a renter leave a review from June 2020.

She then said they had a leak in the basement, and plumber was going next to look at it. If it was an emergency plumbing situation, she would have said so. When I booked in December the nightly rate was $259. After my cancellation notice this morning I logged on and noticed the two weeks were now available at a higher rate: $370 a night.

Shortly afterwards one week was no longer available and thereafter the second week was no longer available. I called the host out and she said it was her right to cancel any reservation and that she was no longer comfortable hosting as I messaged her during the day trying to get to the bottom of it.

I am left in a lurch with no other rental options at the last minute and vacation time off of work. I read the cancellation procedure for hosts. If they cancel a vacation three times in a year they have their listing suspended. She used COVID as a reason with Airbnb; therefore she will not receive an automatic cancellation review from Airbnb. Shady and unethical business conduct.


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