Ghosted by Airbnb After Atlanta Booking

I was invited to book my trip to Atlanta and opted for the installment plan. It had been awhile since I’ve done a reservation. Didn’t realize the booking should have been in pending status while waiting to book. In any case it wasn’t.

The reservation still didn’t show up even after my first payment came out of my account. Initially I thought maybe it had to be paid in full before I saw it, though I couldn’t find any article that stated this.

I started to get worried. I’ve emailed the host but the first time I wasn’t able to select my dates because they were blocked off. I didn’t think the message went through. I tried to find the listing again but for a different time period pretending to book a different trip just to get a hold of her.

She did contact me but only invited me to book that trip. She didn’t respond to my message. I’ve asked a couple of times. I decided to message Airbnb even posting to messenger on Facebook. They took that one down.

It’s been over a week with no response. I tried to report the listing but none of the options fit my situation. I wanted to dispute the charge at my bank but I have to have proof that I cancelled the booking. I will call them tomorrow. Wish me luck.

At this point, I want a refund. I’ve already booked something else and it’s the right process. I’m waiting for the host to respond with the invite and already see it pending in my upcoming trip section. This is only my second bad experience with Airbnb.


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