First and Last Airbnb Stay Was a Nightmare


I had a nightmare stay. The host refused to keep the A/C on. There was no wifi available. There were bits of broken glass all over the supposedly pet-friendly property. The host’s junk was in the closets. There was smoking indoors (listed as non-smoking) as well as cigarette burns in the linens. The host kept the plastic on the bed. The door was extremely difficult to open, and at the time of my arrival the door lock was non-functional; she installed it an hour after I arrived.

In addition, messages requesting the A/C be turned on went ignored, and when I called Airbnb directly she said she wanted me to leave (which I was more than happy to do). To top it all off, her unrestrained Doberman Pincher tried to attack my service animal.

I called Airbnb a number of times about this, and received a refund (but only after they “cleared it with the host”). I posted my bad review of the stay, which was 100% truthful. In response, the host gave me a bad review in which she lied (my initial message to her indicated in no uncertain terms that I would be working from home, mainly using Zoom and phone, for the duration of my stay — she claims I never told her I would be working from home and that I told her I would be completing an internship, a lie I have no clue as to the origins of).

I took pictures and video of everything and was on the phone with Airbnb when her mutt tried to attack my service animal. It was terrible. The attached pictures are from after I asked her to remove her personal belongings from the space, an image of the cigarette-burned linens,  the raw wiring where a fire alarm was supposed to be installed (as listed), and the sharp ends of screws sticking into the rented space. It was terrible. Airbnb has not decided to remove her from their platform.


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  1. Welcome to Airbnb! Where crazy roams free!

    I’d suggest only booking entire places that are not on the same property that the host lives on. Also pet friendly accommodations on Airbnb tend to be horrific. Might be best to get a hotel room.

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