Father Died and Airbnb Won’t Refund My Money

My dad died a week before my family and I were supposed to go to SC for a week vacation. His burial was the day before the reservation started. I cancelled and let Airbnb and the host know immediately what was going on. The host was fine but Airbnb only gave me a small portion of the refund even thought it was a family related death cancellation. I sent them a support request with his obituary and a copy of his death certificate and some Help Bot over eight days later just closed the request citing COVID-19.

I called Customer Support and was told it was being processed. They could not give me an answer as to when it would be approved and processed. Now I have a new support request on their site and am holding on the phone, probably for hours, before someone speaks to me again about my refund request. This is a sad excuse for customer service. I am recording the dates and printing out all of the details and will forward this to my attorney and just let them deal with Airbnb after this last attempt at getting them to do their job per their refund policy.


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