False Advertising on Airbnb Sent me to a Hotel

I went to Barranquilla for 30 days as a tourist. I rented a unit from Airbnb. The owner seemed to be nice; he picked me up from the Airport and I gave him a present.

The unit with fancy photos on the Airbnb website was actually a dump. It looked like someone bought some used material to make a unit off of a room. The kitchen was a sink on 2×4 legs, and the cooling fan sounded like a jet engine.

First I decided to suck it up and stay, then I noticed there was no hot water in the bath. I called the owner. He said he did not advertise that he has hot water.

I said, “Wait a minute, you also did not advertise you have cold water or a toilet, does that mean you are allowed to give me a unit with no toilet or any water in the bath?”

He also had a list of what they did not furnish on his Airbnb page. He had some items on there but nothing about having no hot water in the shower.

I called the Airbnb International help line. After hours of trying and nobody answering, finally they said according to their policy there is no refund for 30-day reservations.

I left the place. Being stranded in a foreign country I had no choice but to stay in a hotel. Although they rented this unit to someone else for the same period of time I did not recover my money. The unit owner made double and Airbnb made double commission by keeping my money and renting the unit to someone else.


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