Dirty, Uncleaned Apartment in Midst of COVID Pandemic


I was traveling to Utah to take care of some business, and since my partner was laid off during the lockdown I invited her along. She is a total germaphobe and the idea of sleeping in a stranger’s house made her really uncomfortable. However, I had used Airbnb plenty of times with great experiences… until now.

After much convincing on my part, I got her to very reluctantly let me book the basement apartment I had found. We were driving so we got in rather late—around 10:00 PM—but I work the night shift so we weren’t quite ready for bed. I was exhausted from the drive, so we lugged our bags down the stairs and honestly didn’t move from the couch for a few hours.

I do have to add that there was a funky smell to the place when we got there, but not wanting to give my partner a chance to second guess staying here, I assured her it was nothing and brushed it off. After a few hours we got up to get ready for bed, pulled back the covers, and climbed in.

The first thing I noticed was pet hair, quite a bit of it. Now I know it’s a pet-friendly unit, but there was a lot. And then I noticed the human hair in the sheets and on my pillowcase. Then we got really disgusted and climbed out of bed to investigate further. There were stains all over the bed sheets and pillow case, and they looked and smelled like they had been slept in.

We were absolutely horrified. It was close to 4:00 AM, we couldn’t check into a hotel, there were no extra bed sheets in the apartment, and the host was asleep above us and not answering. My girlfriend was so uncomfortable and there was almost nothing I could do. I ended up stripping the bed and grabbing every available towel; we slept on those.

Needless to say not a great sleep, and it was made all the more better by the host thoughtfully locking up their dog in the room right above the bedroom, where he started pacing and whining at 9:30 AM. We booked a hotel room as soon as we could pack up our stuff and get out of there.

The host not only refused to give us a refund, but acted like we were crazy for wanting our money back, adding that they bought us chocolates and new sheets, as if that makes up for not only forcing us to sleep in a dirty unclean apartment, but also endangering my family in the middle of a virus outbreak. This host is not only disgusting, but actually putting renters in harm’s way.

Airbnb has been completely unresponsive to my claim—hence why I am resorting to this post as well as similar posts on many review sites. We will be actively pursuing this until we get our money back, or until it’s public knowledge that Airbnb is knowingly putting customers in danger and profiting off of it.


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  1. I’m having this problem right now. Rented a fly infested home. Airbnb want refund me my money. Sent plenty of pictures to prove that the house was not up to par. There basically saying it’s my fault because I did not let the host fix the fly infestation. I hope you can/have be able to get your money back.

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