Customer Service Can’t Process a Simple Refund

This past February, we booked a vacation house for a wedding in August. The host had a generous cancellation policy, with a full refund up to two weeks prior, but in May, the wedding was cancelled due to the pandemic and I immediately cancelled our booking on May 16. I received a confirmation email that my refund of $369 was on its way back to my credit card.

Checking my statement in June, there was no credit. I kept checking online through early July, figuring they were backlogged with all the coronavirus issues, but there was still no credit. I began using the messaging system and received a canned answer and was asked if that resolved my issue. I replied no, and that I needed to use the option offered of ‘speaking’ to a specialist.

I waited another week. I then received a message that I needed to be patient: there was a backlog and I’d be attended to soon. Then there was an immediate following message that stated that my case was now closed. I then sent a strongly worded demand for satisfaction and at a minimum a timeline for when my issue would be resolved. Crickets.

I realize that I have been very lucky in my previous experiences with Airbnb hosts and all my travels with them were great. But the appalling lack of customer service, for what should be a simple fix, is making me think once I can travel again it won’t be with Airbnb.


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