Coronavirus Emergency Stay from Hell

I am miserable as I type this. My mom has been homeless since January. She started staying with me in March, but that got a little weird with my roommates. I found her a real apartment and that fell through as a scam. So I booked her a last-minute Airbnb, and it was disgusting. It wouldn’t pass a health inspection.

I canceled after ten minutes in the room and tried to get the money back. They won’t give us anything back. I paid $1,400 (a month’s stay) for ten minutes in a room and I have not seen a penny back. My mom lived in her car for a month before I was able to save up enough for a new deposit for her apartment.

I have called and called and called and nothing. They always say they will take action and now, almost two full months later after filing for refund with my bank, they email saying “you know you can contact us and not get your bank involved.” I had to respond with: “I have been trying! It’s been two months!”

My bank has credited my account the money while it’s under investigation, but that might be reversed if Airbnb still gives nothing back.


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