Considering Leaving After no Coronavirus Compensation

I have been a South Africa host since 2013 and, generally, had no issues with Airbnb. Monies were paid regularly and on time. But when I responded to the Coronavirus Relief effort offered by Airbnb, nothing thus far has been forthcoming.

Cancellations between March 14 and June 15 would have been compensated due to the pandemic and thus far I have received no relief payments. There is no contact number or email address in order to inquire about the relief process. All bookings from March up to November had been cancelled as visas in our country were no longer issued at the beginning of March.

This is a supplementary income which is no longer there and life has become quite difficult. I have read some of the hair raising stories about Airbnb and I am seriously considering delisting. If anyone could forward any contact details, it would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I, too, have found Airbnb not to reimburse the 25% COVID-19 relief as promised. I received an email from Airbnb telling me I would “need to do nothing“ to receive my reimbursements. However, I have had to request each reimbursement, and it is consistently less than I expected. furthermore, some canceled reservations no longer appear in my Airbnb inbox or on my calendar. I am thankful that I took screenshots of them when the pandemic began so that I might know when the reservation was made, but if not I at least know the dates the reservation was for and if any money was received by Airbnb. Very upsetting is that I know of at least one guest that received a full “refund“ from Airbnb that is actually a “store credit” to use at a later time on an any Airbnb listing. This means that Airbnb shows me no money was received for this reservation,. However, Airbnb kept the full amount.

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