Caught in the Outer Circle of Airbnb Hell

I’ve been an Airbnb and VRBO host for over 14 years. I just sold my property and the new owners want to continue listing it.

I reached out to both companies. One was very supportive and made it very easy for the new owner to establish an account, keep the reviews, and with our permission, use our picture. The other was Airbnb. They were not interested in helping, could not give a single f—, and in spite of my prior coordination with dates for closing, made it almost impossible for me to close my account.

After doing a Google search I found the phone numbers on this site and after thirty minutes listening to some happy music I got someone on the phone who told me I could not close my account because I had an outstanding reservation. I said I no longer owned a rental property and for some reason I have been unable to cancel that reservation onsite or close my account.

“You can’t close your account; you have an active reservation,” Airbnb said.

Long story short, no bad words were used, and I explained that the new owners had an active account with that other site and had the other people’s reservation and we would handle it.

As a Superhost, I can tell you I will never use Airbnb again as a management company. Every problem I ever had was from clientele from them. I was never supported by them when I attempted to claim damages because the renters were never at fault. Needless to say, my experience with VRBO was much different and in the fullness of time, I will use them again for another property I have my eyes on.


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