Cancer Patient Staying at Airbnb Near Hospital

I am currently visiting New York because I need to get treatment post my cancer care at Weills Cornell Hospital. I signed up for an Airbnb that looked good but the host has been questionable, responding only to get payment but when I asked simple questions on laundry he didn’t respond.

We got into the unit and bought groceries to manage my diet for the treatment. Five days into the visit, he said he needed us to move out in three days and was canceling our reservation. I tried to reach Airbnb as its an active reservation but there was no response.

We tried calling their two numbers: 415-800-5959, +1-855-424-7262. The first number I called twice, waited exactly 41 minutes and 43 seconds both times and the line just went from the holding music to silence. The second number I waited for a long time. The host offered to give us a refund, but I worried that while we were here he could kick us out whenever he wanted. He might not pay us.

There are so many things that I do not need while I am getting treatment. Airbnb on the other hand doesn’t seem to care nor respond. I will never use Airbnb again after this and most likely will call the BBB.


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