Booked 4 Months Ago, Cancelled 48 Hours Prior to Stay


In early March we booked a cottage for my family of four to stay at for the August long weekend and the week after it. We were worried sick through the entirety of COVID phases 1, 2 and 3 about being able to go there as we would have to cross from Ottawa to Quebec to get there.

We got an email two days before we were supposed to check in saying they sold the place and our booking was cancelled. The host said she was apologetic and has never cancelled a booking to any of her eight properties. Here we are days before the long weekend with nowhere to go and everything is obviously booked solid due to COVID. Not to mention the prices have skyrocketed since we booked which makes me wonder if she pulled a fast one on us in order to charge someone else more for the same booking.

The family is incredibly upset and it has made me incredibly vengeful. Thanks for providing me a place to air my frustration and I will provide updates on my progress against Airbnb. I have incredible amounts of free time for a father of two and I will be dedicating much of it to slagging the shoddy business practices of Airbnb who makes a huge profit doing little more than posting ads and providing some level of fraud protection which could be just as easily provided through PayPal or some other means.



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  1. Great job on the post Air bnb hell ! Huge smile on my face when I saw my “superhosts” mug shot at the top of your page. I will post some updates in the comments or submit a follow up post when im done fighting with the Airbnb “Ambasadors” I am in talks with. Im on my third Ambassador already and I hope to climb the ambassador later to the final boss.

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