Australia Phone Number for Airbnb Customer Service

The Australian number I used for Airbnb was 0285203333. From outside of Australia it will be +61285203333. Don’t ask where I found that – my other half, The Fixer, found it; he can find anything.

I’ve not had the pain some have had going by the stories here. However, my login to my account on my phone and laptop became a total nightmare and I couldn’t get in, so I lost our New Zealand stay at the last second, and made a scramble for another stay. My login had me dropping in and out of the site/app which was hugely frustrating. I tried to sort it but couldn’t: even the techs were bewildered. Three months later I took another stab at it and it’s finally resolved.

I just wanted to give a phone number for those that want one. Maybe the Aussie number could direct harried customers to the correct country number.

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  1. THANK YOU for this number – any chance anyone can provide a set of terms and conditions for hosting? I am not good with computers… we live in a small country town, cows across the road, it’s quiet and peaceful… until airbnb arrived next door. I just want an airbnb host perspective, (without abuse from a host who is unwilling to listen), so i know where I stand. I am sorry to pester – hoping you can help an old-ish lady. thank you.

    • Hi Leanne,

      Your best bet is to call the Airbnb support number, explain to the support worker the information that you need and they will email you a link to the information online.

      It is quite extensive & may be difficult to read through. You don’t have to worry, in my experience if you have a good host hosting then they will be doing all the right things.

      If they are not then call Airbnb to let them know of the problem, best to do it when it is happening and take videos or pics & Airbnb will act quickly.

      Just today Airbnb cancelled a guest that had been abusive to another guest but I had video from the guest & a police report. They acted quickly.

      In my 8 years of being an Airbnb host I have nothing but good things to say about Airbnb.

      As hosts we deal with all sorts of people just as we do in the community at large, some will be great, others will be difficult. A good host will have systems in place to deal with this.

      Cheers Rosanne

  2. I just called the 02 number – thanks for posting this.
    I was connected with the customer service operator within about 1 min of calling and going through the options. She gave me all the information I needed about a guest booking who had not checked in when he arrived (so neither of us knew if the payment for the night would go ahead).
    Very friendly and efficient. Cannot complain on this service

  3. Just used this number re my account being scammed to set up additional listings with my details.
    Could not get this info from airbnb – how bad is that

  4. Thank You for publishing the ph number of Airbnb Aust.
    We had guests booked Sat night, had a party, damaged legs off furniture, hole in wall, Halloween make up stained linen, big mess.
    Checked out 1st, later that day (don’t know how) cancelled the booking maintaining they weren’t there & got a refund from Airbnb.
    They signed the guestbook, phone numbers on our WiFi history & we have photos of there car parked in our property.
    I raised a resolution & followed it up with a call to that number. I got through to an operator within 2 mins who was very helpful, reversed the cancellation & accelerated the resolution.
    Fingers crossed they back me.

  5. This is the number I use and always link up, May have to wait longer covid era. They do answer eventually.

    Calibre of some guests not good often.
    After a deal and often dont regard rules.

  6. Airbnb Terrible people to deal with. Unable to use our Hosts site to block out dates, getting abused by guests, all because Airbnb cant be bothered helping anyone except lining their pockets, Never use them criminals at best

  7. I appear to have a scam hiding in airbnb sites the time requested was confirmed for june and I payed by credit ( confirmed then a request for photo ID which would provide adequate infor for identity fraud,,,,I managed to find the owners phone number (mobile ) contacted her to find there was no availability and shealways vets the booking before it is accepted

    • The number you listed here in Australia is the number I’ve tried unsuccessfully to get any help from. They direct you to a robotic typed link chat which is useless. They leave you high and dry. It used to be that you could talk to someone. Very very frustrated. Still waiting for a payout

      • I just called them. the robot voice just guides you to the right department. Then a real person answers after a short wait period and helps you from there.

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