Australia Phone Number for Airbnb Customer Service

The Australian number I used for Airbnb was 0285203333. From outside of Australia it will be +61285203333. Don’t ask where I found that – my other half, The Fixer, found it; he can find anything.

I’ve not had the pain some have had going by the stories here. However, my login to my account on my phone and laptop became a total nightmare and I couldn’t get in, so I lost our New Zealand stay at the last second, and made a scramble for another stay. My login had me dropping in and out of the site/app which was hugely frustrating. I tried to sort it but couldn’t: even the techs were bewildered. Three months later I took another stab at it and it’s finally resolved.

I just wanted to give a phone number for those that want one. Maybe the Aussie number could direct harried customers to the correct country number.


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  1. We cannot log on to AirBnb on a computer as hosts. Our ‘phones (android) are still connected.
    This has only recently become an issue. When we attempt to log on we are instructed that an error has occurred try again. Lengthy ‘phone calls to AirBnb have only served to exacerbate the situation.
    After reading some online posts it seems we are not the only hosts experiencing this problem. We would welcome any suggestions.

  2. Thank you person above and your fixer, for finding the telephone number for Airbnb Australia (The Australian number I used for Airbnb was 0285203333. From outside of Australia it will be +61285203333). Our account was locked. Our registered phone number was an old disconnected UK mobile number and our bank debit card number was old and destroyed ages ago. Airbnb did not recognise our facebook. We therefore could not complete any of the online options to revive our account. We were grateful that someone found and listed the above phone number. It’s a pity Airbnb didn’t have sufficient respect and value for their customers to make the phone number available without the need to log in first. The telephone consultant was very helpful but could not resolve our issue immediately and had to escalate our problem. We are waiting for an email reply from a technician.

  3. I booked a holiday home through Airbnb, I then tried to cancel my booking 4 hours later but could not online I emailed Airbnb to cancel for me with no reply, I then had to chat with the host to cancel my booking she refunded all money but Airbnb took a service fee of $186.80 and after days of trying to contact them and then being passed around they told me I can’t have my service refund as it wasn’t confirmed canceled within 48hours even though I emailed them direct to cancel 4 hours after booking

    The service apparently helps with costs of 24/7 support, Airbnb Toole hours if not days to reply to my msges I got passed around they wouldn’t let me talk to the manger and then said he would call me back which he never did I just got a msg saying I can’t have a refund they are rude, unprofessional and have the worse customer service I have ever dealt with I do not recommend booking with Airbnb google the house you want to stay at instead and book through another platform

  4. I appear to have a scam hiding in airbnb sites the time requested was confirmed for june and I payed by credit ( confirmed then a request for photo ID which would provide adequate infor for identity fraud,,,,I managed to find the owners phone number (mobile ) contacted her to find there was no availability and shealways vets the booking before it is accepted

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