Airbnb Won’t Refund Cancellation Due to Coronavirus

In September 2019 we booked a place in Bozeman, Montana for a family reunion for July 2020. Due to COVID-19 we were forced to cancel at the end of May because we have essential workers and people at high health risk in our group.

Our hosts said they would refund us 75% of our cost, but did not. $341 that they said they refunded us never came to our credit card account. I believe Airbnb used it to reduce the full cost of the rental so they didn’t have to refund us as much of the “half” of the payment we still owed. We have paid $1103 even with refunds and with 75% should only pay $863 so they owe us at least that difference.

As of June 1, Airbnb policy states that any reservation made before March 2020 that was occurring through July 15 would and could be refunded. Our Airbnb agent has been unable to refund us any additional money, claiming that because we cancelled in May, the original cancellation policy applies.

Originally we tried to cancel in May at the request of our hosts in good faith that they would refund us our money and so they might be able to rent again. We deserve the terms of the COVID-19 exception policy, the Airbnb fee, if not the full refund of $1103 that has not yet been refunded to us.


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  1. I had a guest cancel a 12 day booking due to Covid. I refunded her her money in full, but then Airbnb said I wasn’t eligible for their compensation payment because the guest did not give ‘Covid’ as her reason for cancelling, despite all our correspondence on Airbnb clearly showing it was the reason for cancelling. As a host I have been v happy with Airbnb but this really annoyed me.

  2. This is why Airbnb is really not that trustworthy, not just because of how easy it is to apply as a host but also how easier it is for the guests to book without really checking all the info that there is. Also, hosts can just easily lie to guests just to profit off of them.

  3. Our plane got cancelled. Our reservation then was still outside of the covid time for free refunds- but it sent you to the normal extenuating circumstances.
    in these a cancelled plane is reason for a full refund.
    to give hosts well enough time I made the first step of cancelling- looked at the figures- which told me I would get a full refund, and clicked confirm. then the figures changed.
    i am “ talking “ to them for 7 weeks now.
    they keep addressing other issues they bring up them selves ( “ohh you want to cancel your other reservations?” )
    it’s tiring and infuriating. we are not going to win this, and I would advise to never use them again, but go to platforms like homeaway and houfy. ( much cheaper)

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