Airbnb Won’t Ever Give Me a NOLA Refund

Just a word for anyone thinking of renting this Airbnb in New Orleans: avoid it at all cost. My fiancé and I rented it on February 14 as a nice place for her and bridesmaids to have fun in New Orleans on September 4.

We rented it because it was close to the French Quarter. They were having a pride festival (Southern Decadence Festival) at the time. It was run by a Superhost so we though it would be okay. This would be a way for my fiancé and her bridesmaids to have fun the week before our wedding in Florida. It cost us $2000 for the weekend (Friday-Sunday).

Little did we know COVID-19 would strike and shut the country down. We couldn’t get a refund because you could only get the cleaning fee $320 back. The host refused a refund and Airbnb was no help.

We contacted the host and they basically said they not giving us any money unless forced to by Airbnb. Airbnb wouldn’t answer any message and when I called I was told I would be forwarded to a resolution team who have not contacted me at all.

We have been forced wait to see if Airbnb will update their refund policy based on COVID-19. Our reservation is not soon enough to qualify a full refund (reservations with a check-in before August 31) and the host is still refusing a full refund.

On top of that, our wedding is postponed until next year as Florida seems to be a COVID-19 hot bed, the French Quarter in New Orleans is still closed, and the Southern Decadence Festival is cancelled. We have no reason to visit New Orleans now and even with the host knowing all of this they still refuse to grant a refund. Airbnb won’t step in.

So much for being a super host; more like a super a-hole. So everyone beware: this host will take your money and not give you a refund for any reason. Airbnb is complacent in this too.




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