Airbnb: Unaccountable During a Crisis

My experience with Airbnb goes back to 2016, but I never had to do anything like this until now. I recently stayed in a place for my family and had an incredible experience. The place was family-like and safe.

After we left, I received a message from the owner asking me for help, knowing I am familiar with the legal system. He was desperate because Airbnb didn’t respond to him. When he agreed to this new reservation, he thought he was getting a family: a married couple and kids. Instead he received a gang of 30+ people in his tiny home (that is made for a small family only).

Airbnb never responded to him. They replied to me when I expressed my concern as a customer, by saying that they will forward my request to another department.

Here is the copy of my request:

“I recently had several experiences with your company that are not very satisfying to me. I have experienced users like me to be disregarded and ignored when something important happened during my experience with Airbnb. And I have also, as it has just happened, with my prior host, the experience of you failing him, when he had to face issues with uninvited guests, a 30+ party of reckless people who care nothing about decency but rather about exploitation.

My family had the most amazing stay with them. We just left. And he is so desperate he had to reach out to me to ask for help because you are unable to assist him. He had a family of four signing up for his home, but instead a gang of 30+ people showed up and are causing havoc to his house. Which, by the way, is incredible and he doesn’t deserve this as a new Airbnb host. He was unable to reach you over one hour of a wait on the phone, so he had to call the police who also didn’t show up right away.

This is unacceptable. I live in San Francisco too so I understand how business works. I’m also a paralegal and I understand how the legal system works. And I would really appreciate if you could fix the problems you create on your end so people do not have to ever call the police. Put your heads together to create a system that actually allows customers to receive a response in a timely manner if they are forced to face with scammy clients. It should be automatic.

You need to be on top of your game no matter what. You are going to lose much more business at this point if you do not improve your customer service and if you use a ‘crisis’ as a way to let go of safety measures. If you are unable to perform to the fullest extent, don’t scam your clients. Just go out of business and allow someone else to take the stage, or face numerous lawsuits. Endangering families and children and elderly because you don’t have enough staff is unacceptable. I’m appalled.”


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  1. Why would you probably trust Airbnb in times of crisis in the first place? It’s already crucial and risky to trust them even without a crisis, what more if there is? Just be careful and be wise in deciding to trust these kinds of setup next time.

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