Airbnb Terrible Service: Host Denies Receiving Booking

The Airbnb host didn’t respond when I arrived with luggage from the airport. It was a very stressful situation. I texted her so many times and called her more than ten times. With that stressful situation, I had to find a nearby hotel. It was very inconvenient and all my plans were ruined.

She replied hours later saying that she didn’t receive the reservation. Obviously, we have the text conversation that she got the reservation and would send me the code on the check-in date. Not only is she very unprofessional and not responsible, but she also lied.

I am very disappointed with this situation. I will never ever book anything from Airbnb again. It’s not reliable and very stressful. I’d rather go to a hotel even though it’s expensive. Airbnb should take action in these types of situations. Unfortunately, I could not contact Airbnb for two days straight, waiting on long calls and sending messages. I have to call my bank to dispute this transaction. It’s been the worst experience during a stressful moving situation.


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