Airbnb Refund Issue in Ireland with Coronavirus

Airbnb is a mess. We can not get any answers about our refund of $1600. No one answers the phone or returns messages. We booked a stay in Ireland for July 8-22. Due to the coronavirus, we spoke with the host about canceling due to the fact that Ireland has a 14-day quarantine for people entering the country.

The host stated she agreed and understood that canceling would be the best option. She had no issue in giving us a full refund and would approve it. She said we needed to initiate the cancellation through Airbnb, which we did. She stated that after we cancelled she approved it.

After speaking with Airbnb about the refund, they indicated that they had reached out to her. She then decided that she would not refund it as she was not going to get any compensation from Airbnb through the Host Support Fund, so she changed her mind. She stopped communicating with us and Airbnb.

We have been in contact with a representative of Airbnb since May 11. On May 28, the representative said he would have a decision on June 4. We never heard back from him after sending numerous messages. Finally, we contacted Airbnb Support again and they sent an auto message telling us there was no refund based on the host’s cancellation policy.

Airbnb never read the communication between us and the host or us and the Airbnb representative. Airbnb just saw we cancelled and it did not fall within the extenuating circumstances policy. Clearly they did not read any previous communication as they suggested we reach out to the host for a refund.

We rented the place under the assumption we would be able to move about Ireland and see the sights with or kids. Due to the 14-day quarantine requirement for incoming travelers, that is not possible. Basically we would be held captive in the home for the full two weeks were were there. We cancelled according to what the host told us to do with the promise she would give us a full refund.

Had she not told us to cancel and would give us the refund, we would have contacted Airbnb to see what our options were. Airbnb has now said they no longer have the money and it has been given to the host. How is this possible when the check in date is July 8 and Airbnb policy states it “typically releases your payout about 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in time”?

We have been getting the complete runaround, speaking to multiple people through the site message service and no one is responding back. We need help. Any suggestions would be helpful or if Airbnb actually monitors this site please contact us.


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  1. Within 24 hrs of posting our issues here and on Airbnb facebook site, our issues were resolved with a full refund.

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