Airbnb Puts Responsibility on me to Get Refund

I had booking with Airbnb for seven weeks and had to leave after two nights due to country going into lockdown. It has cost me £2800 and I am having a nightmare trying to get the money back.

The booking was made on March 11 and we checked in on March 22. The government announced the lockdown on the 23rd and we left on the morning of the 24th. I contacted Airbnb right away for the refund but was told that the owner did not agree to a refund and would let us stay at the property after we were allowed to go back to work.

Airbnb also gave us a $200 voucher to use on future bookings so I was double happy. Finally, the government said that we could start working on building sites from June 1 and I tried to contact the host. There was no reply.

On May 12, I contacted customer service. On May 16, they replied that they could not contact the host and they “could not confirm the agreement that I have with the host”. I wrote them again explaining that problem is not resolved and needs to be looked at.

On May 18, I got a reply saying that they will look into it. After a few of my messages asking for updates on May 28 they replied that they couldn’t contact the host and I should start looking somewhere else to stay at my own expense.

On May 25, I made a phone call to Airbnb. I explained my situation and was reassured that I would be refunded under the Extenuating Circumstances policy. They also asked me to send a link to the official government order of March 23 to stay at home. I did it right away.

On June 4, I got reply saying “unfortunately, after reviewing documentation you provided we are able to confirm that this situation does not fall within our extenuating circumstances policy.”

It’s absolutely shocking. What are extenuating circumstances then? Governments’ orders to stay at home obviously are not. Were we supposed to stay in then and carry on working?

These charlatans in customer services clearly do not have a clue. First of all, Airbnb mediated with the host and said I would be able to stay. When they couldn’t contact the host, it suddenly became my problem. They said they would refund me, then they said no and the best part is they advised me to contact the host and request a refund from him. It’s been nearly four weeks since they could not contact the host and they want me to do it now.


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  1. Absolutely ridiculous, but unfortunately, not shocking after I’ve read so many of these stories. I hope you don’t give up, they need to give you your money back!!!

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