Airbnb Promised Partial Refund, Host Said No


My husband and I were heading to Bali to renew our vows. Exciting, right? The backstory is that my husband is terminal with an aggressive form of MS that now requires chemotherapy. We were planning a trip for just the two of us.

The host was aware of our restrictions and his handicap and illness. When COVID happened, we immediately reached out to our team of doctors and they agreed that it would be dangerous for my husband to travel. We got our documents together and sent them to the host as well as Airbnb.

They told us at the time that we would be entitled to a partial refund based on the host’s cancellation policy. It never came. We reached out again and heard back from the host stating that she was not in a position to refund any money. Let me state we cancelled in March and our trip was not until August.

Airbnb said that there was nothing they would do and the host said “sorry” and “I wish you well.” I can’t understand how a business can knowingly do this. It’s heartbreaking.


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