Airbnb Promised 25% COVID-19 Relief That Requires Work

I received an email from Airbnb at the beginning of the pandemic explaining the 25% relief reimbursement I would receive for qualifying cancelled reservations This email stated: “You need to do nothing — this reimbursement will be automatic.”

To the contrary, I have had to bring each qualifying reservation to the attention of Airbnb and then be disappointed in the small amount they determine with their formula. Thankfully, I took screenshots of my reservations when the pandemic began, because now there are some reservations and cancellations I can no longer find in my Airbnb inbox or calendar.

Most upsetting is that one of my guests that cancelled due to COVID-19 and within Airbnb’s 25% reimbursement policy received what I was told was a “full refund,” but this was really a “store credit” with Airbnb to use it another time on any Airbnb listing.


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