Airbnb Nightmare: Squatters Destroy My Home

My last Airbnb guests have destroyed my home.  They were there for two months without paying.  They have brought cats into the house and have been smoking in violation of my house rules.  This is because Airbnb failed to tell me that they were not paying, and as a result, I extended their stay past one month.

They only just left recently after two months and the house reeks of cigarettes. Cat feces are everywhere. Airbnb will cost me thousands. I’m still waiting for Airbnb to take responsibility so I can make repairs. My whole case is extremely well documented with pictures taken of the interior during this guest’s stay from her own Facebook page.

It’s been one month since these people moved out and I still have no commitment from Airbnb and have lost another month’s rent because of their delay. This is the video I took after the police made sure the guest had left.


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  1. How did the police make sure that the gusts have left? Didn’t they acquire the tenant rights? I’m in the similar situation, where the gusts have taken a machete to my couch and I have a police report to confirm it, only difference is the guest is refusing to leave and can officially stay in my house until November, because that’s when the eviction courts open in my city. If you can give me any help as to how to move them out, i’d really appreciate it. It will also cost me dearly to have that guy in the house until November, because I have 5 other bedroom which I rent very successfully on regular basis, and now can’t because this guy poses a health threat. P

  2. I find it disturbing and distasteful that you would video tape police officers doing your duty work to document (I’m only assuming you are also the same type of person out in the street spitting and protesting against these officers the night before) a civil dispute after you voluntarily decided knowingly and deliberately placed your home in the hands of a tech company that profits from your home and asset. Airbnb will not be making you whole, they might give you $200 to go away and pull your ad, clean the poop up, expect nothing from your insurance company, City of Denver fines you for illegally operating a hotel without a license, and be a big girl learn your lesson don’t try to make money renting your home to complete strangers and trusting a profiteering tech company that is based thousands of miles away with support staff based in India and China. But for goodness sakes, don’t draw the police into your stupidity and poor decision making, especially now when they have like, you know, actual crime to fight and the vitriol of the public to deal with. And aren’t they being defunded anyways ? So pretty soon you won’t be able to call them to bail you out.

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