Airbnb Malaysia Host Cancelled Check in, Refused Refund

I was supposed to check in on May 31 but due to the lack of clear information given by the host, they refused to check me in on the actual day. Yes, on the actual day.

Beware of horrible hosts who can just simply leave you homeless during your trip. This host failed to ensure a smooth check-in by not giving proper communication, any efforts to explain and no response thereafter, and did not even report the case to Airbnb. I was told so by Airbnb when I contacted them subsequently (no report from their records).

When I requested my refund, the case was passed around to numerous case managers and senior case managers yet none of them gave me a refund according to policy as stated in Airbnb’s terms and condition. I even told by one of the case managers the host declined my check-in because she did not feel comfortable (pray for all travelers who booked with this host that she is in good spirits during your check-in).

What was ridiculous was that the host declined my check-in yet refused to refund my payment. As of June 28, I have not yet received my refund from Airbnb and the case manager even requested me to proceed with check-in after almost a month has passed from the initial check-in date.

Airbnb needs to look into this matter. I wanted get my refund in full according to Airbnb policy. I always trusted Airbnb but happened of this incident really destroyed the trust built up.


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