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  1. I am the owner of two penthouses in the Netherland. They are rented out longer term but recently found out that they are sub let by AirBnB which is illegal contractually and also the building doesn’t allow (with a fine of EUR 5,000 a day). The rent out my penthouses for parties and next day I get over 10 complaibs from building management, police, other apartment owners, and owners comittee. Reported this to AirBnB Juy 13th and the company still havd got any response. They said this why high priority and I shoukd get a response within 48 hours…it is 14 days down the road. AirBnB sides with criminals and allows illegal activity to go on while they know. They don’t respect property rights and the law. They really should be banned if they go operating like this. It is hell for me.

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