Airbnb ‘Guests’ Try to Force Their Way into a Stay

I had a couple try to book my place on Airbnb a day after the previous guests left. They said they were local and seemed desperate — which these days can mean homeless. Then came a bunch of weird stuff about adding guests which confirmed my suspicions. They tried to bypass Airbnb by promising to e-transfer a deposit. Happily they were unable to book as I had a day blocked between bookings.

Unfortunately they found my location on Google and showed up at my place on bicycles that turned out to be stolen. I had to use a baseball bat to make them leave. When they said they would call the police I called their bluff and told them to dial 911. They took off but left some of their stuff. I then called the police and gave them the woman’s first name.

In about ten seconds the officer showed me a picture on his phone and I said it was her. The next night she broke into my house through a window. She and I had another talk about baseball bats and she informed me that they were all going to stay and that that it would take me months to get them out. Back to the baseball bat.

Now here’s the good part. I checked the previous place they had booked on Airbnb and the host posted a review saying “quests were reluctant to move out when stay was over.”

Like an idiot, I decided to warn Airbnb about these slimeballs. I have pictures, case numbers, police reports of the break-in plus details of all the crimes including the stolen IDs left on my property. The moron I spoke to at Airbnb’s farcical parody of a help center immediately told me they had no way of verifying what I was reporting and then insisted on wasting my time by trying to look up the non-existent booking.

I finally got him to admit that they actually had a department that dealt with this and he put me on hold again for ten minutes while he conveyed his version of events. When he came back on the line he told me their security people would not talk to me without a booking reference and that they advised calling the police.

What a bloody waste of time. What an awful place Airbnb has become. I will never call for help again.


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